black cartoon characters

This article explores impactful black animated characters who’ve made their mark and continue to inspire.
Can you name beloved black cartoon characters?

In this article, we list black characters, emphasizing their racial identity, which adds uniqueness and diversity to these shows. Let’s begin with our list.

Action Hank (Dexter’s Laboratory)

Aisha (Winx Club)

AJ (Fairly Odd Parents)


Carl Carlson Jr. (The Simpsons)

Cleveland Brown (Family Guy/The Cleveland Show)

Cleveland Brown Jr.

Craig Of The Creek

Craig Williams (Craig of the Creek)

Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!)

Doc McStuffins

Donna Tubbs-Brown (The Family Guy/Cleveland Show)

Dorothy Dottie McStuffins (Doc McStuffins)

Dr. Facilier (The Princess and The Frog)

Dr. Hibbert (The Simpsons)

Fat Albert (Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids)

Fillmore (Fillmore)

Foxxy Love From Drawn Together

Frozone (The Incredibles)

Gerald Johanssen (Hey Arnold!)

Gerald Martin Johanssen

Jodie Landon – Daria

Keesha Franklin

Kelly (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)

Kiki Pizza

Libby Folfax (Jimmy Neutron)

Lashawn (Bébé’s kids)

Little Bill (Little Bill)

Michiko Malandro From Michiko & Hatchin

Miranda Killagllen – As Told by Ginger

Monique (Kim Possible)

Mushmouth (Fat Albert & the Cosby kids)

Numbuh 5 (Codename: Kids Next Door)

Oscar Proud (The Proud Family)

Penny Proud – The Proud Family

Princess Tiana (The Princess and The Frog)

Rallo Tubbs-Brown (The Family Guy/Cleveland Show)

Roberta Tubbs (The Family Guy)

Suga Mama (The Proud Family)

Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Storm (X-men: the animated series)

Sticky Webb (The Proud Family)

Susie Carmichael (Rugrats)

Token Black – South Park

Trixie Carter (American Dragon: Jake Long)

Valerie Brown (Josie and the Pussycats)

Valerie Gray (Danny Phantom)

Vince LaSalle (Recess)

Weird Harold (Fat Albert and the Cosby kids)

Zack Underwood (Milo Murphy’s Law)

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